The doors swayed sideways to usher her in
Squeaking as if to register their warning
With Her shoulders held high in majestic fashion
She walked in like an Angel’s stallion
If she doubted once, she wouldn’t have come this far
After all, it’s just a few metaphors in a bar

Audience is seated, audience is wild
Audience is merry, audience loud
Audience is a merry bunch of alcoholics with a perpetual toothy smile
Audience do not care for the bar as much as the spirits she housed
She wanted to doubt; but she had come this far
After all, it’s just a few metaphors in a bar

Stanza one was a catch
Most of the heads turned in her direction
Stanza two was a match
A few other heads but without the needed connection
Three and four felt like Jackson’s moonwalk
At which point, she was safer if she did not talk
Disgrace looming in the corner as these “gentlemen of the bar” seem bound to mar these metaphors in this bar

At stanza five she felt molested, defiled and insulted altogether
Audience eyes shifted and now glued to their telltale glasses of misery the whole six lines
Not a piss given, no sympathy, not even the humane act of being bothered
Now abandoned in the dark by the same set of eyes that once gave her light
With three more stanzas to go; she’d be hercules to get that far
She’s endured difficult times before, but this just raised the bar

Redemption, Redemption, Redemption!!!
Stanza six connection dinner redemption
Encouraging roars came from the gentlemen as she dished it out
It was raw, fluid, uncut, seasoned with a few pints of vulgar and several cubes of cursed-out
Everest, could be mounted afterall; her summit is where they are
But she new it wasn’t the metaphors, it was the vulgar

Stanza seven brought back the song;
Back to the life, back to reality
She knew the fun can’t last for eternity
So back to metaphors that run deeper than the oceans
Deep calls out to deep so their booze-laden glasses called out to them
No more metaphors, and yes, this time no bars

Gravity had called out her name.
Gravity had yelled
Yelled till she had crashed down with her fifteen minutes of shame
Shame abound as she clung to what’s left of her dignity and wondered if she knew herself well
Well enough to never re-enter this bar
Bar everything, she had come quite far
And for that, she deserves a billion chocolate bars





Richard Patterson



I have been staring at you now, for God knows how long. Wondering if we could ever strike a meaningful conversation, and for how long. Cos I knew, if I was a bus, your eyes would be my station.

Not literally, figuratively.

If only I could station in your pupils. Maybe for days unend, I thought to myself. Deviate from way the I always am around you; noticeably quiet and still. Maybe I should flash my lights and screech the brakes and honk at you,

Still, figuratively.

But I digress, this is far from what I’d plan to do you and that’s simple. Then I stretched forth my Peter Pointer to fill your beautiful left dimple. Only then did I realize I’d with my sweaty finger soiled your picture. I was hoping for some simple chemistry, but this, is not exactly the mixture
I relish to sight you in the nearest future.
Even though I know I may be just too bedazzled to try to hold ya.

Yes, literally.


Inspire me thus
Urge me
Help me scale these barring walls

Inspire me thus
O ye nature
O flaming volcanoes, thrust aloft my passion
Let the seas and oceans watch on
Waiting to propell these lexical lava to their purposed destination
The mountains can watch on; play referee,
When I finally hang my heap of molten words high up in the air

Even mole hills will rise out of their despair

Inspire me thus
O ye Street folks
Bala boys and Kayayei(s)
As you pull up to the endless hustle everyday
Even as the hustle of the previous day proved less encouraging than that of the day before
Courage me oh homeless folk
Life is a gift and in your smile I see that more
Street lanes adorned with colorful polythene bags roaming freely with the canny help of the unstable currents of air
Amidst mixed chatters of buy and sell
Of what exactly I’d rather not tell
Beautiful architectures in secluded settlements
Holding more secrets than the firmaments;
Do tell

Inspire me thus
O ye tales
Of grass to grace and not the other way
Single mothers with five mouths to feed
Single father’s with a set of twins to breastfeed
Ankonams and orphans whose pain-stabbed hearts refuse to bleed
Teach me the methods to your madness
That insane sanity that leads you to success
Teach me to stand for what I believe even when I stand alone
Shoot down my doubts like a war drone

Inspire me now
Urge me
For the world awaits my inspiration



Let’s break the deafening silence, let’s meditate
Let’s take full charge of our future, let’s pray
Let’s stand up to the air, let’s levitate
Let’s get a licence to live, let’s slay

Let’s put our words on wheels, let’s spoke
These words are rolling quicker, I might choke
Word got me and I got her more, I’m not broke
Spoke-n-word, word on fire, good old Stoke
Beating their Arse-n-all blue and black anyday, call it blue Coke

She dates back;
Before the beginning of history
Even before Adam and Eve knew the word misery
Spoke-n-word existed; nk33 Eve po kpe s33, mene ji rosary?
Before the sun centered, and trees could ever stand
Before the waters watered, and lands could ever land
Earth’s outlook used to be like the bedroom of a poor and hopeless crack addict until Spoke-n-word went into action and now we call her grand

Back in the days of tattered skies and littered seas
Spoke-n-word moved and made the chaos cease
Pulling silent and unseen strings that ultimately altered the grand scheme of things
Before there became human beings
God said, “Let there be light, and there was light”
You can also say that there also became life

These words you speak, they are spirit and they are life
They are flesh, blood vessels, organs, systems and oxygen to the sea of dry bones that you once thought were dead
They hold captive like a prisoners chain, they cut like knife
They part the lips to reveal a hearty smile
They shut them at other times to unleash strife

Need I say more?
Need I prove a word?
Need I act sanctimonious and play “Jesus the Lord”?
You can teach, read, listen, write and record the word
But none could ever release power like spoken word

Richard Patterson